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Typeset Press

I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork.

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Vintage_Belle's original and fanfiction
Typeset Press
Hello, and welcome to Typeset Press, the writing journal of vintage_belle. I started this mostly to better keep track of the things I write and post. I am the only one allowed to post entries because it is my writing journal. This will not change.

If you have found your way here, you have at some point or another read something I've written - I've got things posted everywhere - or know are a sendover from my regular journal. You should therefore realize that I write the gay, and lots of it. I write the gay fanfiction for created characters, the gay original fiction, and the gay fanfiction for Real People. If reading fictionalized accounts about Real People bothers you, you shouldn't be reading it. If reading the gay bothers you, you shouldn't be reading it.

· I update randomly and when I remember to. Sorry ._.
· 'Fics will be sorted by tags for your convenience.
· Membership is open.
· If you are under 14, you shouldn't be here.
· Comments make my day/night/week/month/year.

I hearby swear that I am not affiliated with any persons mentioned, unless noted to be original characters. The rest I just write about. I don't make money off these writings, and I don't intend to. The views expressed in each story are my own, and should not be taken to be truth. The scenarios are created in my mind, and similarities with real life situations are purely coincidental.

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